Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Change is Good....I think....

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog will notice a slight change. I've added a feature called Blog Rush that's supposed to help increase my traffic (that's it off to the right on the main page).

BlogRush is a free service that was created to help bloggers solve their #1 need: More Readers For Their Blog. By adding the BlogRush Widget to a blog, a blogger can get instant distribution for their latest blog post titles across a network of related blogs.

The only downside I see so far is that you have to categorize your blog., and my choices were Philosophy and Religion and Spirituality. I chose the latter. Well, what do you expect from a 2% of the poulation perspective? I may change later.

Now, I know that I'm going to be linking to all sorts of religious sites. I'll be watching and blocking sites I find that I consider to be unhealthy versions of Blue (Spiral Dynamics)/Amber (Wilber's Altitudes) - mythic, authoritarian consciousness - unless I can tie that blog in with a lesson for a later stage consciousness perspective.

So far, it looks interesting. Out of about 10 sites I've looked at, most are healthy versions and there have been a couple of Buddhist/Yogic blogs that showed up. I also want to find out if there's a way I can recommend sites without actually linking to them. Perhaps some of the rest of you Integral Bloggers might join me!

By the way....I deleted the Integral Salon Conversation with Alex Rollin. It's time to retire a good interview.

UPDATE, Later the same evening: I may change to the Philosophy category later on.....So far, Religion and Spirituality seem far too rooted in Mythic consciousness - g.

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