Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sacred Sexuality

I haven't written about relationship, or my relationship, in a while, but I assure you, it is as blessed as it has ever been, with a continuing deepening, a relaxing, and a continued and reinforced knowing for each of us that this is my Beloved. In honor of that, I wrote a ceremonial piece for my beloved as I give her the gift of receiving and relaxing into her most sacred feminine self. This is her time and it is my honor to provide.

We are here tonight
To honor the Goddess
Particularly this Goddess,
Who honors so many other Goddesses.

We create this Sacred Space
For Anyaa,
Who holds so much Sacred Space
for so many others
on their way to becoming Goddesses.

I call on all Gods
And Goddesses
To sanctify and hold sacred
This time and this moment.

I call on the four directions,
and the earth and sky,
and inhale the fragrance
of this beautiful, sacred woman.

In sacred love, I invite
Anyaa to relax
into her most feminine place
trusting and allowing
this man who loves her
to give her this gift,
in love,
with no expectation,
but simply as a way
to honor her
for the gifts she brings
in service to all.

This is the gift
Of the consort
To the Goddess.

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Bravo Gary!