Monday, October 22, 2007

Reflection on (my) Conscious Relationship

Anyaa left again late last night, on a red-eye home. After spending almost 10 days (and nights) together in Seattle this month, she arrived in North Carolina this morning and was picked up at the Asheville airport by a friend and Anyaa's amazing Shamanic Girl Dog, Miss Lily, a Westie Terrier.

We'll have 23 days apart this time, when she comes back out to work for three days just before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day, I fly to Asheville to spend five days with her at Isis Cove, a conscious community where Anyaa lives and works when she's not travelling.

This Thursday will mark our one year anniversary of meeting in person in this incredible and impossible long-distance relationship, which would not have been possible without her profession as a transpersonal~shamanic psychotherapist and her international work empowering women that takes her away from home, and to me at least once a month.

That we've found our soulmates and each other's Beloved is not in question.

I took this photograph of this amazing tree that lives just a few blocks from my house. Anyaa and I pass it on our walks on our way to a park bench that overlooks Puget Sound here in Seattle where we sit and discuss our dreams, our desires, our hopes, and our sacred offerings with the Universe. That Spirit responds is also not in question.

Back to the tree. The tree has one base. Both of the trees grow out of the same roots, one, and then individuate into what appears to be two trees, standing beside one another, differentiated but not separate. Much like Anyaa and I. We are one, even though we live our own individuated lives, we are not separate. As with all of us, we are all connected, made from the same stardust, part of a greater whole. This realization, this awareness, is one of the paths of sacred relationship, and one of the ways that relationship can serve a higher consciousness.

I pray you've found, or will find, your beloved.

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~C4Chaos said...

awww. well, godspeed to both of you. at least i'm not the only one who thinks that long distance sucks! ;)