Saturday, October 27, 2007

State of the Planet, in Graphics

"Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you." - anon.

Globally human populations are growing, trade is increasing, and living standards are rising for many. But, according to the UN's latest Global Environment Outlook report, long-term problems including climate change, pollution, access to clean water, and the threat of mass extinctions are being met with "a remarkable lack of urgency".

An integral approach requires one to look from all perspectives.

from BBC News.
State of the planet, in graphics

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Tom said...

We need to make our planet sustainable. This means putting the brakes on population growth and gaining control over fissionable materials. It means moving swiftly away from nonrenewable energy sources and being pro-active in all the ways possible to reverse CO2-accumulation in the atmosphere.

Some dramatic things should take place. We should effectively abandon the effort to rebuild New Orleans and move the city inland. We should become gung-ho about planting trees and saving rain forests. We should limit the conspicuous waste of the rich by placing rigorous energy-efficiency standards on large homes and large cars.

We should remould our industries and practices such that America, by itself, is sustainable and then share our achievement with the world.