Monday, March 20, 2006

A quick note....

A message to my readers....both of you: practice, shmactice, moving is a pain....I officially move next weekend, but am pretty sure getting settled will be much harder than packing.

I will get back to blogging.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

All Day ILP

Today, our 11-member ITP/ILP group will spending the whole day in sangha examining, practicing, evaluating, and discussing Integral Institute's ILP home study kit. I'll write about it soon.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Stay in the moment.....

Moving is a wonderful practice! If you can stay in the moment while you're looking for a place to live, checking online rentals, reading papers, driving around to look and talk to owners, leasing agents, managers, enter a possibility and stay in the moment, you are a more evolved human being than I.

Everything in this process demands that you look forward: do I like the area, can I see myself living here, how will my possessions fit in this will I fit in this space? How does this all fit in with planning for my future?

Ah...blessed balance. I am maintaining my meditation, weight lifting, have picked up the pace on my cardio/walking, and further refining my diet with more complex carbs, less "bad" stuff (I know...."who is to say what is good or bad"...favorite Chinese story).

New study indicates two glasses of red wine a night has a positive effect on longevity....In addition, red wine also reduces the number and size of fat cells in our bodies.....finally, some good news!!! I think I have a new affirmation for my ITP!

Oh, yeah....I did find a place with more than a little help from a friend. Think I'll like Fremont!

Now I'm packing.....There's a task you can stay in the moment with! My posting may be sporadic for a bit.