Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Original Art by Gary Stamper - Personal Collection Sale

NOW ACCEPTING OFFERS. Over a lifetime of creating art, I've sold hundreds of my original pieces, some commissioned, some in galleries. Displayed here are originals (and some prints) that I've kept in my personal collection. They have traveled with me in my various moves, usually hanging in my home, sometimes in storage or in a family members' home. I've even had a couple disappear without ever knowing what happened to them.
Now, however, as I approach 75, it's time to simplify my life some more and let some of these go. It's the first time many of them have been offered for sale. Some are expensively framed, some are not, but all are being sold as-is, and each carries a brief description and a suggested price. 
If you'd like to make an inquiry about one or more or make an offer, please contact me by email at I'm more than happy to speak with you...
See the entire Collection of Sale Pieces at