Thursday, March 04, 2021

QAnon's BIG March 4th Trump Inauguration Bust

 No One Showed Up for the Party

(or) What If There Were A Revolution and No One Showed Up?

by Gary Stamper, CPC, MSIP, DSPS

QAnon's conspiritorial credibilty took another huge hit today, and I'm wondering if any of the conspiracy theorists even noticed?

Not only did they fail to show up for their own whacked-out conspiracy theory party - where Donald Trump would somehow be inaugurated today as the 19th President while Biden was to be marched out in handcuffs - but they seem to be completely silent. Not a peep. Nada.

Of course, this is not the first QAnon conspiracy theory that has failed to come true, but don't expect any "true believers" to change their minds. They are way too deep into the kool-aid.

Pardon me for my "moment of smugness"...

Where was the apparent former friend who told me that the conservative right "Had all the guns and that the military was on Trump's side," and that I was going to be proven wrong as they took back the country?

Where was the other friend who told me I was on the wrong side and the "Satanic Democrats and Hollywood elite pedophiles who traffic sacrificial children and drink their blood in obscene orgies would be arrested and executed at the order of Donald Trump" in what QAnon supporters refer to as "the Storm?"

Remember Pizza Gate?

The best thing they can do now is just quietly sink into the shadows, hoping we'll all forget, but I'm not counting on that. This is very likely not the last we've heard from them, but it appears that Trump's - and QAnon's - dreams of insurrection and a coup were dashed largely because they grossly overestimated the pipe-dream of support they would receive from the US Military leadership.

The biggest irony to come from the January Capital insurrection is that the insurrectionists who are found guilty of felonies as a result of their actions will no longer have the right to bear arms AND THAT may well have been the reason that no one showed up for the March 4th event.

Like Trump, they're full of blather and threats, but are actually just immature bullies, and it's time to clamp down on the bullies from both parties. Fascism, and elite Oligarchies, have no place in the US.

Wednesday, March 03, 2021


(or) The Complexity Beyond Simplicity
by Gary Stamper, CPC, MISP, DSPS

Four months ago today, I arrived in Panama at 2am, thinking I would grab a bite to eat, get oriented on how to get to my hostel in Panama City, grab my luggage, breeze through customs and arrive at the hostel and my private room in time for breakfast.

Panama had other plans for me.

First, the largest airport in Panama is apparently closed overnight. Immediately after deboarding the plane, we were hustled to the mandatory Covid health check where we had to either prove that we had passed a covid test 24 hours before getting on the plane or take and pass a test before we would be allowed to enter the country.

Even while I knew I would pass the test, I still breathed a sigh of relief when the test came back negative and I began my official entry into the country, picked up my luggage, and headed toward immigration.

After some minor glitches at immigration, I got my passport stamped and was allowed to proceed.  Walking through the door leaving immigration, I found myself standing outside the locked airport with no bathrooms, restaurants, taxis, or buses anywhere in sight so I parked my luggage next to a concrete bench, sat down and waited. About 45 minutes later, a cab showed up and agreed to take me to my hostel 45 minutes away in Panama City.

I arrived at the hostel at almost 5 a.m. in the morning and had to awaken the manager to let me into the place that I would call home for the next two weeks while I worked on getting my Temporary Visa with my new attorney as my first one resigned with no warning.

Bocas Del Toro Surf

Jumping ahead four months later to today, as I've already posted about my arrival and subsequent two weeks in Panama City and my time in my new home, the laid-back Caribbean beach town of Bocas Del Toro, I want to address what it means to try to simplify your life by moving to what is essentially a third-world country as Panama is, in spite of the modern Panama City.

Calipso Apartamentos. My apartment, secong floor, right

The websites that promote ex-pat living say one can live here for under $1,000 a month, and I guess you could, but it would be a very basic lifestyle. You could live very comfortably here for around $1400 a month, close to the average Social Security benefit.

Yes, you can live cheaply here. Average rent here is about a third of what you would pay for the average rent in the US, and most rentals here include utilities, cable, and wifi and come at least partially furnished. In the US you could easily add another $500 or more for cable, wifi, and utilities. You can get along fine without a car, and besides: walking is good for you. And so are ATV's!

Flying Pirates ATV Rentals

Most people have bikes, many of them electric, and you can get to all of the beaches on the island and back on one charge. There are also lots of golf carts and 4WD quads, and what you can't buy, you can rent by the hour, day, or week.

Food is cheaper here for the most part, especially if you're buying from the indigenous vegetable markets that are pretty much everywhere. 

Bocas Veggies

What you find in the mostly Chinese-owned markets is a combination of more expensive indigenous fruits and vegetables, foreign (to me) canned and packaged foods, some "American" canned and packaged foods (most of which I wouldn't buy in the US and are more expensive here because of shipping). The Chinese-style markets also have no concept of what customer service means. You get used to it.

There are few organic products here and what you can find is very expensive and sporadic at best. I pay a lot of attention to avocado mayo and oils,  coconut oils and milk substitutes (hemp if I can get it, never soy... it's a man thing) and extra virgin olive oils. 

The only salmon available here is Atlantic farm-raised salmon which I won't eat because they are high in unhealthy Omega 6's - as opposed to healthy Omega 3's found in wild-caught Alaskan Salmon that we can't get here (we're just a precursor for what's coming). As for packaged and canned goods, I read labels a lot - when I can - but labeling is also a bit sporadic here and often too small to read.

I'm eating less meat here, as local ribeyes have an unusual flavor that I believe is a result of what they're fed. There's a small ex-pat owned market called "Super Gourmet" ( below) that has imported grass-fed ribeyes that I'm going to try, but as I said, I'm eating less meat these days, largely because of environmental concerns around how much water it takes to produce it.

Avocados are always in high demand here (I've started two plants on my balcony), the only artichokes you'll find here are canned and I would not buy meat in any of the Chinese markets. I don't know if they're bad... they just look bad.

Buena Vista Restaurant

There's a lot of really good restaurants here, but they mostly cater to tourists and there are few tourists here at this time because of Covid, and the prices are pretty comparable to US restaurants, maybe slightly under. You rarely see locals in them and the ex-pats I've met tend to frequent bars that also serve food. The restaurants that are open have mostly outdoor dining - very common here because of the year-round warm weather and who doesn't want a water view when dining?

Il Ultimo Refugio Restaurante

There are also lots of food carts that serve "street food," which I stay away from since they mostly serve deep-fried foods that are kept warm under heat lamps, and what doesn't sell today is back tomorrow. I rely on local friends to keep me posted about the good ones. I'm also concerned about how, and if, they are regulated.

Street Food

There's an Ayahuasca journey on Basti Island this coming weekend and because I've been a Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator for almost a decade and have facilitated Ayahuasca guides, I've been wanting to do one for years, but when I spoke with the Columbian facilitator, he told me it would be inside (strike one) and that the Ayahuasca medicine protected the people because it made them immune and no masks would be required (strike two), and I'm declining. There's absolutely no evidence that it's true, and there are a lot of new-age
and indigenous teachers who are very deep into magical thinking even with a room full of people who are throwing up because of the medicine. Maybe another time, maybe with another guide.

Alex Grey Wallpaper Cave

After four months, I am still loving living here, but a bit more about Complexity beyond Simplicity. This is certainly not true for everyone, but my being in Bocas right now is to be between two cultures: the culture I lived in before I got here and my expectations about simplicity that I brought with me, and the culture(s) that exist here. I believe I can let go of the expectations I brought with me as long as I can find a way to live simply while not feeling overwhelmed with the complexities...

And isn't that the way it goes for us all?


Sunday, February 14, 2021


or "The REAL Show is About to Begin."

by Gary Stamper, CPC, MSIP, DSPS

Let's cut the bullshit.

Trump may have been acquitted, but everyone knows he did the crimes and more. McConnell knows (he said as much), the GOP Senators who voted for acquittal know, the Capitol rioters know (they were there), his supporters know, you know... everyone knows.

And yet, he was acquitted, not once, but twice.

Even though I knew what the outcome was going to be (everyone knew, including the Democrats), when the vote was completed and Trump acquitted, I needed to take some time to let it - and what it meant - sink in. I decided not to write about it until today, the day after. 

He was acquitted by an incredibly broken system consisting of self-serving politicians on both sides of the aisle, many of whom care nothing about Democracy or justice, others who are also cowards (many are both), and by ordinary citizens who are incapable or unwilling to exhibit the slightest bit of critical thinking. But mostly by an entire nation of people who make up The Shadow of America, who are, in spite of glimmers of brilliance, caught up in the lie of American Exceptionalism that we never quite seem to live up to, primarily because we still believe that some Americans are more exceptional than others - especially if they're not white or at least rich, preferably both.

So where do we go from here?

In spite of the Senate voting that they had the right to complete the impeachment process that began while Trump was still President, the 43 GOP Senators abandoned their oaths of office in order to defend Trump and voted "no" to convict on a constitutional technicality that doesn't exist: that trump was supposedly ineligible for impeachment as an ex-officeholder, as opposed to not guilty of the crime — as one of Trump's lawyers graciously and conspicuously pointed toward the court system as a venue for further prosecution.

In other words, Trump was not found "guilty or not guilty." He was acquitted on a multi-faceted lie.

The ultimate accountability is through our criminal justice system where political passions are checked,” said Republican senator Thom Tillis, who voted not guilty, “No president is above the law or immune from criminal prosecution, and that includes former president Trump.”

Mitch McConnell, who likewise voted to acquit, announced, “Impeachment was never meant to be the final forum for American justice. … We have a criminal justice system in this country. We have civil litigation. And former Presidents are not immune from being held accountable by either one.”  - NY Mag Intellgencer

So the only recourse left is the judicial system and the GOP opened the door to it, no matter how hypocritical.

Of course, we already knew this. Brutus just doesn't want to be holding the knife that kills Caesar, as McConnell and Trump wrestle for control of what's left of the GOP.

The GOP's failure to show true faith and allegiance to the Constitution was not the only failure that occurred on Saturday.

"With their decision to shut down an effort by House impeachment managers to call witnesses in the trial of Donald John Trump, senators of both parties chose political pragmatism over constitutional duty."

“The decision not to call witnesses [was] indeed a victory for Trump,” said constitutional lawyer and presidential accountability advocate John Bonifaz, the co-author of the book, The Constitution Demands It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump. “It makes absolutely no sense.”      - The Nation

Moving forward

Trump is already the subject of two ongoing investigations in the state of New York. The first, by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, is criminal. The second, by Attorney General Letitia James, is currently civil, but could easily become a criminal case.

Third, both Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis are investigating Trump’s campaign to pressure state officials to flip the vote there. Willis has suggested Trump might have committed either criminal solicitation to commit election fraud, or racketeering, by demanding they “find 11,780 votes,” an almost comically corrupt request he was caught making on tape.

Last for now, Trump’s role in inciting the riot, or refusing to take action to halt it once underway, could also be the subject of criminal investigation. There’s no known probe of this matter, which would require a Department of Justice that is no longer controlled by his lackey, Bill Barr. Testimony could easily produce more incriminating evidence that Trump not only incited a mob but refused entreaties by fellow republicans to call a halt to it, instead using the violent pressure to force them to participate in his scheme to overturn the election.

"But even as the trial spared Mr. Trump a conviction, the criminal cases against his supporters for their roles in the riot are building. Already, more than 200 people have been charged with federal crimes related to the attack, and investigators are only getting started." - The Washington Post


There will undoubtedly be more information that comes from the prosecution of the riot defendants and their desires to minimize their own prosecution.

So keep your eyes and ears open, folks. This is far from over. Trumps' biggest fears revolve around hundreds of civil suits already in progress and a growing number of criminal charges over the next few months. Civil and criminal prosecutors don't have the same kind of political axes either hanging over their heads or to grind, but you can already hear those axes being sharpened on stone wheels. 

The potential trials have the possibility of being the best things on TV in those coming months.

Shall I make popcorn?

Addendum, same day, 1pm

Yesterday, House managers for Donald Trump's impeachment trial tried to introduce witnesses based on revelations late last week that members of Congress heard Trump side with the rioters at the Capitol Building.

In retaliation, Senate Republicans threatened to block Joe Biden's entire agenda, with one saying, "They won't get their nom[ination]s, they won't get anything" (like we were getting something from them already...).

Yesterday's vote laid bare one irrefutable fact: Senate Republicans continue to put party loyalty above our democracy, no matter what the threat to our Constitution or the American people.

However, Democrats continue to ignore the easy way around this. The constitution says that the VP is the President of the Senate and that carries the power of presiding over the Senate, taking away McConnell's non-constitutional tradition of presiding over the Senate. 

Using this constitutional power, the President of the Senate (Harris), can determine what get's called to the Senate floor or not, and who gets recognized, or not, thereby ensuring what comes to the floor and forcing the GOP Senators to go public with their votes and taking away their ability to hide behind McConnell by forcing transparency.

Why are Harris and other Dems ignoring this? By not even threatening to use this power against GOP Senate members, they are repeating Obama's mistake of taking single-payer health care off the table before negotiations even begin.

Democrats now control Congress (the house and Senate) and the Executive Branch. What are they afraid of?

What are they hiding and why are they wimping out again? 

Thursday, February 11, 2021


or, Getting Into The Swing of Things

 by Gary Stamper, CPC, MISP, DPSP

Obviously, I knew - long before I got here - that life was going to drastically change in Bocas Del Toro. I mean, that was the whole point, right?

Some things I could anticipate.... some things not so much. What brings them together depends on one's ability to adapt to change and your attitude.

I knew I was going to miss my family and friends, the ease of access to whatever I might need, and that I  was basically moving into a third-world environment where my "lifestyle" would radically change.

Regular readers of my Facebook page may remember that I spilled water on my laptop about 10 days ago... after six days of drying it out, it still isn't working correctly, and while it's only the keyboard that's damaged, the laptop is almost impossible to use without a fully functional keyboard.

I initially looked for a computer repair service, but it looks like the virus has affected businesses across the spectrum. I found one who said they could fix it but they'd need 2 weeks and $130 plus parts to fix it. Since my desktop is still storage in Florida, I was unwilling to be reduced to using my Android phone and tablet to do what I need to do on a daily basis, so I decided to buy an external keyboard for my laptop. The computer guy said that's what he'd do if he were me... but try finding a U.S. keyboard in a tiny Spanish-speaking town! Four stores later and lots of walking, I finally found the one I'm typing on and it's working fine. At least until the $30 replacement keyboard pad for my laptop gets here from the U.S. (it arrived just now from Amazon and took 9 days and I will be replacing it myself).

Also, take grocery shopping...

To begin, I walk into town with my backpack looking for the items I want, knowing that what I bought last week at a particular store, may not be available this week. I still cannot find the delicious canned oysters I found earlier. Local markets often take what they can get, resembling a U.S. "dollar store" mentality, so in order to get what I want, I may have to visit a number of different stores.

In addition, there are very few organic food items available in any of the stores, and when they do show up, it was likely a one-time buy. You can't get artichokes or brussel sprouts anywhere. All of the stores are privately Chinese-owned and stock is controlled by someone else. It is said here that the private owners are assisted by the Chinese government in setting up the stores in exchange for using the stores for money-laundering.

Once I've loaded everything I can find and carry in my backpack, I begin the trek back home and the afternoon is pretty well shot (especially if I stop off at Tequila Republic for a "Tacorita" - two delicious tacos and a Margarita for $8 - before I begin the trek home). Since I was likely not able to get everything I needed - or could carry - on this trip, I repeat this process 2-3 times a week. This is pretty much the only time I miss having a car. Everything takes longer here.

What I am experiencing here is not so far removed from what first-world countries may soon experience

Plus, my pedometer app on my phone tells me I walk about 6,000 steps on these days, a great health benefit, si? My high for one day since I've been here is over 12,000 steps in a single day. While still in some pain, that's not bad while still recovering from hip and knee surgeries last year

I feel fortunate that I can pretty much walk everywhere I go and can get mostly whatever I need. This is one aspect of the collapse tenet of getting smaller and local, but I confess I want to buy an E-bike so I can get out on my own to other parts of the island.

All in all, I'm very comfortable in Bocas Del Toro, much more so than Panama City, which is just too big and too glitzy for my taste. I've just never been a big city kind of guy. People here in the stores (and a couple of the bars) and I are getting to know each other. I'm coming up on three months in early February and I'm liking it here more and more with each passing week.

Another telling point is that I'm beginning to feel safer here than in many places in the U.S., but here, too, there seems to be a sad unawareness of just how serious the collapse of multiple systems will be. Nobody talks about it, at least nobody I'm around, but most ex-pats I've run into are American conservatives.

Of course, in the event of a real-world multiple systems collapse, I recognize that I may one day be forced to move OFF the island. It's advised that one not drink the tap water on the island, but I can purify and remove contaminants from tap water now so that's not an issue. Keeping water flowing through the local water system or keeping power on may be something else altogether. Many people here use rain catchment systems for their water. Almost all food is shipped to the island with the exception of the vegetables that local people grow and largely sell at small farmer's markets and gatherings.

Further, change is almost always hard and uncomfortable, so people rarely implement changes until they have to. Let's face it, happy people rarely change... why should they? But change (and relationships!) forces growth to alleviate problems and the best time to implement change is when you don't have to and when you're not in an emergency. For instance, if the U.S. food delivery system breaks down, it's too late to start a garden. There's a saying in preparedness communities that states, "it's better to be prepared one year too early  than one day too late."

Every civilization eventually collapses... this time it will be global

We are headed for multiple system breakdowns that consist of political, economic, climate, population overshoot, soil degradation, rising and polluted oceans, dwindling freshwater, resource wars, climate caused mass migrations, species extinction, and more, with more and more scientists agreeing that we've already passed the point of no return and that the very best case future scenario at this point for humanity is looking very bad, indeed.

As bad as everything feels now, it's only going to get a lot worse for your children and your grandchildren.

Collapse now (get small, find your tribe),  avoid the rush, and find a way to bring peace and acceptance to yourself, your loved ones, and your community or tribe. 

Sunday, January 10, 2021


 Facing the truth about climate change

Re-posted from

“Why is acceptance of overshoot, abrupt climate change, and the inevitability of collapse vital for living meaningfully and vibrantly? How did we get here and what attitudes and actions make sense now? Michael Shaw explores these questions through interviews featuring: Author of ‘Deep Adaptation’, Professor Jem Bendell; Dharma teacher and author of ‘Facing Extinction’, Catherine Ingram; Journalist and author of ‘The End of Ice’, Dhar Jamail; and Elder, teacher, author, and Citizen of the Chiricahua Apache Nation, Stan Rushworth.” 

Wednesday, January 06, 2021



OPINION by Gary Stamper, CPC, MSIP, DSPS

It looks like the Democrats are going to be in charge of the government! They won the 2 Senate seats in the Georgia runoff giving them the same number of seats in the Senate as the GOP with Vice President Harris the tiebreaker. It's been suggested by the corporate "middle-of-the-road" arm of the Democratic Party that we "try to work with the other side of the aisle," because that's what the American public wants. No, it isn't. Almost half the country (even if you count the Senate) believes we're going to hell in a proverbial handbasket. We'll either all be speaking Chinese in a couple of years, or the Satan-worshipping DC libs and Hollywood elite pervs will own all of the Pizza Parlors that have basements, or, we'll be A.I. controlled nano-bot zombies because we took the vaccines for the 350 people who actually died from COVID-19 while the rest just had the flu (and died... those who are left will probably be sitting around watching "Family Guy" and "Dallas" re-runs as a result of the nano-bots making them stupid... oh, wait!). That same of almost half of the country wants to restart the civil war with or without Trump, and even right-wing blacks and women are constitutional "originalists," whatever the f*** that means, especially to them... Meanwhile, climate change is real as populations all over the planet are already migrating to places that still have water and arable land where they think they can grow food. Many of them are coming from Latin America to the U.S., not realizing that Califonia's Central Valley and the Midwest's "Bread Basket" will soon be toast. Scientists are now saying that if humankind were to disappear tomorrow, and the pollution completely stopped, it would still be forty years or more before the seas stopped rising. Coasts everywhere will be changed forever along with the cities that are on them, including low-lying valleys along with rivers where food is grown. Think about what happens to the midwest when the Mississippi river overflows... Also imminent is a global financial collapse, including the U.S., where we were already in deep financial s*** before COVID-19 struck and further devasted the global economy. As for Wall St. and the Federal Reserve, you can only run the same scams for so long before everyone knows what they are. That's when the pitchforks and torches come out. The Game of Survival is on and it ain't a TV show. It's time to GO BIG OR GO HOME. Democrats need to rain down the full force of the justice required for treasonous actions on the bad actors of the GOP who are trying to overthrow a democratically-elected government so it never happens again. More importantly, we need a global "Save the Humans" (and everything that supports us on the planet) plan if humanity is to survive at all and we need it now, or we're no longer going to need it at all... Because it will be too late. I pray we're all up for this but I have serious doubts. Gary

Saturday, January 02, 2021


An Introduction to A Certifiably Nondual Shamanic Mystic in Paradise

by Gary Stamper, CPC, MSIP, DSPS

More changes in my life: I've had this blog for 16 years and it is now undergoing its 3rd iteration. Originally called "Integral in Seattle," it changed to "the Integral Warrior" while I was in North Carolina focusing on my flagship men's workshop of the same name, and now that I'm in Panama, the focus is changing again.

"It's Game Time on Planet Earth." - Terry Patten

I'll still be using the skills - the building blocks - I learned during the previous versions of the blog such as certification in "Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems," My Doctorate and Masters degrees in Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies and Intuitional Practices, and certification in creating altered and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

The banner should give you an idea of my new direction around what I consider to be the most important issue facing humanity: Confronting our relationship with the planet and ourselves.

A Facebook friend just called what I'm doing a "disruptive strategy," and while by no means am I the first to arrive at this party, I am delighted to be a reveler at it, following in the extraordinarily capable footsteps of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. I read Silent Spring in the fall of 1962 at the recommendation of President John F. Kennedy. It fueled my interest in eco-environmentalism, and while I occasionally fell from grace, I never forgot the book that inspired the modern environmental movement and its effect on my life. 

Today, I humbly and respectfully seek to stand at the side of today's giants who are calling out "humanity's broken relationship with nature" that comes at a cost far too expensive to bear: Humanity's needless suicide resulting from greed and separation from each other and the planet

A small cross-section of some of these giants are Carolyn Baker, Michael Dowd, Fr. Richard Rohr, Joanna Macy, Bill Kauth, Dave Pollard, Guy McPhersonDerrick Jensen, Stephen Jenkinson, Dar Jamail, Dean Spillane Walker, Francis Weller, Gail TverbergRichard Heinberg, Terry Patten
James Howard Kunstler, and many more.

I’ve written before about humanity’s proper role on the planet as a subset of a larger eco-system. If we had stayed on that path that indigenous cultures honor, we might not be facing possible Near-Term Extinction (NTE) today. Instead, we’ve chosen to dominate “nature” instead of partnering with it, beginning about 12,000 years ago. Research shows that wherever on Earth humans migrated, other species have rapidly gone extinct. You can read about the effects of human influence on extinctions here.

We’re supposed to be the most intelligent species on the planet, but it appears that we’re just “smarter apes” and that we have "outsmarted" ourselves to the point where we may well become a failed species, a brief experiment that didn’t pan out. What is humanity’s biggest threat? Humanity itself.

What kind of moral, philosophical, or intelligent argument can one possibly make for the perpetuation of a species that is its own worst enemy? The interesting part of this is that we are continuing to choose the path of extinction, even after almost 50 years worth of constant warnings. Perhaps this is the collective shadow of humanity saying to itself, “we’re bad and we don’t deserve to live.” Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock asked “will we choose extinction, even when more natural ways of survival are known, are right before our faces? Are we too inflexible to survive, too wedded to the many fossil powered slaves we all enjoy, from cars to dishwashers and vacation flights?”

Does that mean that our lives have no meaning? I don’t believe so. Our lives have meaning up to the point we give them meaning, no more no less. We’re the lucky ones. Quoting Guy McPherson, "We get to die which means we got to live." These times are an opportunity for us to truly step up into new ways of being with each other and being with the planet. I know it is unreasonable to think all people will act nobly and heroic with others, but the opportunity before us in the face of NTE is to discover our deepest humanity.

How do we do that? 

By healing the deep wounds of humanity, developing our emotional resilience through what’s coming by openly grieving and supporting each other, and by developing our ability to believe in something bigger than ourselves, even if it’s attending to others..."

Shamanic Breathwork: A Gateway to Our Shadows,

We do it by remembering who we are, by falling back in love with the planet, the mother, who birthed us all, providing all we needed. The Earth is not something outside of us. "Breathing with mindfulness and contemplating your body, you realise that you are the Earth. You realize that your consciousness is also the consciousness of the Earth. Look around you–what you see is not your environment, it is you."

We do it by remembering what we've forgotten, that there is no separation, that we're all connected, to each other and everything, and that we succeed or fail together.

And, we do it by becoming "smaller." Not because we want to or some newly found altruism but because we have no choice. The changes are already happening. We can move through them gracefully or we can move through them kicking and screaming. Our choice is not if, but how.
Rev. Michael Dowd says the fundamental distinction of our time is not liberal or conservative, not capitalism or communism, not right or left, but whether we are Pro-Future or Anti-Future.

That's what this blog is going to be about and I'll connect it to everything that's going on around us, what helps us get to where we need to go and so what prevents us from getting there. I won't do it alone. I'll do it with your help and with the help of the giants I mentioned earlier.

Let's get busy. We've got a lot to do.