Wednesday, January 06, 2021



OPINION by Gary Stamper, CPC, MSIP, DSPS

It looks like the Democrats are going to be in charge of the government! They won the 2 Senate seats in the Georgia runoff giving them the same number of seats in the Senate as the GOP with Vice President Harris the tiebreaker. It's been suggested by the corporate "middle-of-the-road" arm of the Democratic Party that we "try to work with the other side of the aisle," because that's what the American public wants. No, it isn't. Almost half the country (even if you count the Senate) believes we're going to hell in a proverbial handbasket. We'll either all be speaking Chinese in a couple of years, or the Satan-worshipping DC libs and Hollywood elite pervs will own all of the Pizza Parlors that have basements, or, we'll be A.I. controlled nano-bot zombies because we took the vaccines for the 350 people who actually died from COVID-19 while the rest just had the flu (and died... those who are left will probably be sitting around watching "Family Guy" and "Dallas" re-runs as a result of the nano-bots making them stupid... oh, wait!). That same of almost half of the country wants to restart the civil war with or without Trump, and even right-wing blacks and women are constitutional "originalists," whatever the f*** that means, especially to them... Meanwhile, climate change is real as populations all over the planet are already migrating to places that still have water and arable land where they think they can grow food. Many of them are coming from Latin America to the U.S., not realizing that Califonia's Central Valley and the Midwest's "Bread Basket" will soon be toast. Scientists are now saying that if humankind were to disappear tomorrow, and the pollution completely stopped, it would still be forty years or more before the seas stopped rising. Coasts everywhere will be changed forever along with the cities that are on them, including low-lying valleys along with rivers where food is grown. Think about what happens to the midwest when the Mississippi river overflows... Also imminent is a global financial collapse, including the U.S., where we were already in deep financial s*** before COVID-19 struck and further devasted the global economy. As for Wall St. and the Federal Reserve, you can only run the same scams for so long before everyone knows what they are. That's when the pitchforks and torches come out. The Game of Survival is on and it ain't a TV show. It's time to GO BIG OR GO HOME. Democrats need to rain down the full force of the justice required for treasonous actions on the bad actors of the GOP who are trying to overthrow a democratically-elected government so it never happens again. More importantly, we need a global "Save the Humans" (and everything that supports us on the planet) plan if humanity is to survive at all and we need it now, or we're no longer going to need it at all... Because it will be too late. I pray we're all up for this but I have serious doubts. Gary

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