Thursday, August 12, 2021

Emotional Intelligence & Relationship

Before conscious, or integral, relationship can manifest in your life, there are certain conditions, or structure/stages, that have to be in place. Some of those personal structures are cognitive (empathy, and the ability to take multiple perspectives), spiritual (trans-personal, awareness that there's a bigger picture), moral (universal human ethics), compassion (transcended ego) , and emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is a form of intelligence relating to the emotional side of life, such as the ability to recognize and manage one's own and others' emotions, to motivate oneself and restrain impulses, and to handle interpersonal relationships effectively.

I think there's good reason to think one's "EQ" is more important than "IQ." From Daniel Goleman:

"Emotionally intelligent have the ability to marshal their emotional impulses (or, at least, more so than those who are not emotionally intelligent); they have the self-awareness to know what they are feeling, and are able to think about and express those things; they have empathy for the feelings of others and insight into how others think; they can do things like delay gratification; they are optimistic and generally positive; they understand easily the dynamics of a given group, and, most important, where they fit inside that group."


Take an Emotional Intelligence test here.

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