Thursday, March 04, 2021

QAnon's BIG March 4th Trump Inauguration Bust

 No One Showed Up for the Party

(or) What If There Were A Revolution and No One Showed Up?

by Gary Stamper, CPC, MSIP, DSPS

QAnon's conspiritorial credibilty took another huge hit today, and I'm wondering if any of the conspiracy theorists even noticed?

Not only did they fail to show up for their own whacked-out conspiracy theory party - where Donald Trump would somehow be inaugurated today as the 19th President while Biden was to be marched out in handcuffs - but they seem to be completely silent. Not a peep. Nada.

Of course, this is not the first QAnon conspiracy theory that has failed to come true, but don't expect any "true believers" to change their minds. They are way too deep into the kool-aid.

Pardon me for my "moment of smugness"...

Where was the apparent former friend who told me that the conservative right "Had all the guns and that the military was on Trump's side," and that I was going to be proven wrong as they took back the country?

Where was the other friend who told me I was on the wrong side and the "Satanic Democrats and Hollywood elite pedophiles who traffic sacrificial children and drink their blood in obscene orgies would be arrested and executed at the order of Donald Trump" in what QAnon supporters refer to as "the Storm?"

Remember Pizza Gate?

The best thing they can do now is just quietly sink into the shadows, hoping we'll all forget, but I'm not counting on that. This is very likely not the last we've heard from them, but it appears that Trump's - and QAnon's - dreams of insurrection and a coup were dashed largely because they grossly overestimated the pipe-dream of support they would receive from the US Military leadership.

The biggest irony to come from the January Capital insurrection is that the insurrectionists who are found guilty of felonies as a result of their actions will no longer have the right to bear arms AND THAT may well have been the reason that no one showed up for the March 4th event.

Like Trump, they're full of blather and threats, but are actually just immature bullies, and it's time to clamp down on the bullies from both parties. Fascism, and elite Oligarchies, have no place in the US.

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